Ambassador’s Remarks for the Opening of the American Center in N’Djamena

Ambassador’s Remarks for the Opening of the American Center in N’Djamena

February 21, 2018

As prepared for delivery

Good evening and welcome to the United States Embassy.  We are delighted that you are with us today to celebrate the opening of our beautiful American Center.

The American Center is a visible symbol of America’s engagement with the people of Chad, a place where people can learn, exchange, and connect with one another.  Please allow me to highlight some of the resources that the American Center will make available to the people of Chad.  It is free to become a member of the American Center.  We offer computers, all connected to the Internet, that are available to American Center members.

The American Center provides a wide variety of resources to help visitors increase knowledge, engage with the world, and realize their dreams.   For those who want to learn or improve their English, we offer study materials, conversation groups, books, and film screenings in English.  We also have instructional materials for teachers of English.

Our Educational Advisor provides information about opportunities to study in the United States, including about post-secondary institutions, testing, and admissions.

We have a book collection that includes titles in English, French, and Arabic.

So for those of you who have completed your education, but are still actively learning, we offer French and Arabic translations of popular American books for professionals on subjects such as entrepreneurship, finance, public speaking, and online commerce.

Our collection includes biographies of well-known Americans, books on American history, society and government, and a selection of American literature, along with DVDs and audiobooks.

We even have a collection of children’s books and games for young learners who come to the American Center with their parents.

That’s quite a list, I know.  And I trust that everyone here this evening heard about something that they want to learn more about or participate in.

I would like to emphasize, though, that the American Center is more than our technology and collections.  It is about engagement and relationships.  We would be delighted, for example, to have those of you with expertise in your field lead a discussion on one of the books in our collection.  We welcome those who have studied in the United States to talk about their experiences and to offer advice to prospective students.

For those of you who have participated in United States Government exchange programs, we hope you will be frequent visitors, sharing with others the skills, knowledge, and experiences  you acquired during your time in America.

In short, the American Center and its activities, along with cooperation in the security, humanitarian, and development domains, is one of the pillars of American engagement in Chad, an engagement whose objectives are to support a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic Chad.  We look forward to seeing you soon, whether for a book discussion, to practice your English, or to learn more about the United States.

Thank you.

And now I would like to introduce our recently-arrived Public Affairs Officer, Grant Phillipp.  In addition to advising me on our media and public outreach strategies, Grant is the director of the American Center and responsible for our cultural programs.  Grant, welcome to Chad!