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Ambassador’s Special Self Help Program (SSH)
March 19, 2020

General Information

The main objective of the “Ambassador’s Special Self Help Program” is to demonstrate the interest of the United States Government for the social and economic well-being of the communities that strive to take care. The immediate objective of the program is to support local initiatives already undertaken or envisaged involving a significant Community contribution so that these efforts of self-promotion.

Selection Criteria

The project should:

  • improve the economic or social conditions at the level of the community or village;
  • support activities that
  • may come to end within a short time (less than 12 months),
  • will have concrete results, amenable to objective measures,
  • will affect a large number of beneficiaries;
  • have an important local contribution (in-kind, labor or cash whose value amounts to 25% of the total cost of the project, at least);
  • come from the community itself, without exceeding its means to maintain or operate the project in a sustainable manner;

The appropriations for the Embassy CANNOT finance:

  • activities denominational or military;
  • insecticides or pharmaceutical products;
  • recurring costs (salaries, rent, water and electricity);
  • the Working Capital Fund;
  • vehicles;
  • the training, except in the specific case where a large number of individuals in the community can benefit;
  • labor and wages, except in exceptional cases;
  • two projects in the same community, except in exceptional cases.

On average, the funds allocated by the Embassy are of the order of $7,000, approximately FCFA 5 million. Applications for funding can be slightly above this average as these are located below.

Presentation of a Funding Application

The funding request must include the elements set out below:

I. Details on the Bidder

  • name of the group/association/community
  • location (village, township, Sous-préfecture, Department)
  • staff
  • name and address of the responsible Chief
  • presentation of the works already carried out

II. Presentation of the Project

  • title of the project
  • objectives
  • participants (who does what for the implementation of the project?)
  • beneficiaries (who will be the beneficiaries and how much will they?)
  • time limit for the implementation of the project (from the signing of the memorandum of understanding)
  • continuation of activities at the end of the project (sustainability)

III. Budget

  • a detailed presentation of expenditure by budget item
  • the total cost of the project: costs to be covered by the bidder,.
  • and costs for which it seeks funding from the Embassy

IV . Documents to be attached

  • a letter of authorization or support of a local authority
  • a letter of official recognition

V. Please send applications to the address below:

Note : no date limit for receiving requests; they are received continuously.

Useful addresses:

Embassy of the United States of America
Ambassador’s Special Self Help Program
B.P. 413 N’Djamena, Republic of Chad
E-mail: NdjamenaGrants@state.gov
Phone 235 2251 70009, ext. 4549