Chadian English Teachers Participate in Webinar on Peer Review

TEFL Specialist Heather Benucci Speaking with Webinar Participants
TEFL Specialist Heather Benucci Speaking with Webinar Participants

17 English teachers from public and private secondary schools in N’Djamena participated in a webinar (a real time seminar available via the internet: web + seminar = webinar) at the U.S. Embassy on Wednesday, September 10.  “Teachers helping Teachers: Peer Observation for Professional development” was the first of six programs in the 14th edition of the “Shaping the Way We Teach English” Webinar Series, which will run through November.

Led by English teaching specialist Heather Benucci, the Chadian webinar participants joined colleagues from around the world to discuss the topic of peer review as a way to make better teachers.  The Chadian teachers liked the idea of peer observation/review, but noted that currently it is not practiced in their schools.  One brave participant said she would talk with her principal about doing a pilot peer program this coming academic year. More power to her!

Though their schools are still closed for the summer, these dedicated English language teachers are determined to keep abreast of innovations and methods in their field, as shown by their participation in the webinar series.  In fact, at the end of Wednesday’s program, PAO David Andresen distributed ‘Webinar Course Completion Certificates’ to ten teachers who had participated in the previous Webinar Series.

This webinar program was just one of many the American Embassy has hosted for English teaching professionals in Chad, all of which are designed to help improve their classroom skills and teaching techniques.