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May 19, 2022

DCM, Josie Ratcliffe, at a workshop by Chadian Ministry of State for National Reconciliation and Dialogue

Deputy Chief of Mission Josie Ratcliffe on the left, Chadian Minister of State for National Reconciliation and Dialogue Acheikh Ibn Oumar in the middle and Workshop chairperson on the right.


On May 17, 2022, the Deputy Chief of Mission of the U.S Embassy Josie Ratcliffe, attended the workshop on the draft decree on the establishment and organization of provincial peace and reconciliation committees and their constituent parts in the 23 provinces of Chad.

At a time when Chad is going through a crucial period in its history, driven by the transition and the need for an inclusive national dialogue, the importance of the issue of conflict management with all its corollaries is no longer in question. The need to set up such committees in the 23 provinces is also justified by the fact that pockets of violence and hotbeds of tension continue to emerge even as others diminish and recede. To create optimal conditions for success during and after the transition, structures that are well grounded in a solid legal framework will be needed to foster a calm, viable climate for all, and conducive to inter-community harmony.

The Deputy Chief of Mission seized the opportunity to congratulate the Ministry of State for National Reconciliation and Dialogue for its initiatives and efforts in the search for peace and national cohesion and to reiterate the strong commitment of the United States of America through USAID to accompany the Ministry with modest but concrete support that contributes to its objectives of promoting peace and reconciliation during and after the transition.