Emergency Visa Appointments

Emergency visa appointments may be requested under the following circumstances:

  • Urgent medical travel or family emergency (e.g. funeral)
  • Business emergencies – urgent, time-sensitive matters without sufficient time to plan. This applies to the individual business traveler, not the family
  • Students who must start studies before scheduled interview
  • Other emergencies as approved by the Consular Officer

Note: A recent prior visa refusal for the same purpose of travel disqualifies the applicant for an emergency appointment.


In order to request an emergency appointment, the applicant should send an email to NdjamenaVisaInquiries@state.gov and complete the DS-160 form using the following link: https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/

The applicant requesting the emergency appointment must include the reason for the request and supporting documentation.  The applicant will receive an email confirming/denying their request.