First U. S. shipment of Light Armored Vehicles

N’Djamena (8 December 2016):   As part of U.S.–Chadian efforts to counter the forces of Boko Haram, the United States will provide 60  Toyota Davids to the Chadian Joint Task Force for use during counterterrorism operations. The first 20 of these vehicles were delivered to the Directorate General of Strategic Reserves (DGRS) logistics facility on Thursday, December U.S. Chief of Security Cooperation Lieutenant Colonel Charles Lewis and Chadian second Deputy Chief of Staff General Guinambaye Barde participated in a formal vehicle handover ceremony.

Lieutenant Colonel Lewis noted the purpose of the vehicle donation was to provide materiel support to enable Chad to confront the threat of Boko Haram in the Lake Chad region.  She highlighted some of the key attributes of the U.S. – built vehicles that make them particularly suitable for the terrain in the Lake Chad region.  The vehicles provide light armor for increased protection, and also are easy to maintain because the trucks have the same chassis as the Toyota Landcruisers prevalent in the Sahel.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, LTC Lewis presented the key of the first vehicle to General Barde.   LTC Lewis stressed the importance of the U.S.-Chadian partnership, and noted that the large donation of over 8.4 billion CFA francs’ worth of military vehicles “symbolizes our confidence in Chad’s ability to use them to achieve success when confronting Boko Haram.”  In addition to providing the vehicles, a U.S.-sponsored training team will train operators to ensure that the Chadian military can properly drive and maintain the new vehicles.  The donation includes enough spare parts to properly maintain the vehicles for two years.  The remaining forty vehicles will arrive in Chad in the next few months.