Association Manager




Job Summary

Location : U.S. Embassy N’Djamena

Job Type :Part-Time (15hrs. per week)

Years of Experience :2 to 5 Years

Education Level :  Associate’s Degree            or higher

 Language: Fluent French and working level of English

Salary :  1500 CFA per hr.

Job Opening:  Association Manager

About the Job

Position Description:

The Embassy N’Djamena Employee Association (ENEA) seeks an innovative, dynamic, self-starting Association Manger to oversee all day-to-day operations including retail services, food services & catering, vending, and other services the Association provides. Reporting to the President of the ENEA Board of Directors, the successful candidate will work with the Board to further the plans and goals of the Association, including implementing operating procedures and policies as directed by the Board.


Daily Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for all day-to-day operations of the Association.
  • Attends meetings of the ENEA Board of Directors providing a briefing on major issues and offering opinion on matters under discussion, including making suggestions and recommendations for changes to Board policy.
  • Maintains high standards of quality for delivery of services, merchandise, and employee customer relations.
  • Develops sound internal control systems to safeguard Association assets and deter employee and customer theft.
  • Reviews and discusses personnel problems with the Board of Directors.
  • Periodically reviews the cafeteria service to ensure portion control, cleanliness, and sanitation procedures are followed.
  • Listens to and evaluates, with Board input, any CLO needs or comments from the broader community on Association services.
  • Keeps a good relationship with LE Staff Committee representatives.
  • As requested, assists Post management with organizing ENEA-sponsored or subsidized parties, celebrations, and events.
  • Conducts periodic reviews of the membership list emphasizing the validity of all members.
  • Identifies and establishes relationships with the most reliable suppliers and vendors to fulfil Association needs.
  • Sends announcements on Association services and products periodically.
  • Assists with the Association’s annual audit as appropriate.
  • Updates the Association’s Post Profile each year.
  • Coordinates an annual membership meeting to present Association achievements and future goals, as well as to answer questions about the Association.

Job Requirements:

  • Associate’s degree or higher in business or related field. Familiarity with creating business and marketing plans.
  • Two to five years of progressively responsible administrative or professional experience, ideally in a business or non-profit organization.
  • Experience must include supervision of subordinate staff and understanding of human resource policies and processes.
  • Minimum professional working level of English and fluent French required.
  • Clear written and oral communication skills, ability to maintain high level of accuracy in duties, able to work independently, and superb interpersonal skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, QuickBooks, and Point of Sale software.
  • Occasional physical labor may be required.