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Éducation et Échanges


Apprendre, échanger, s’épanouir et servir. Le département d’État des États-Unis offre de nombreux programmes aux citoyens non américains qui souhaitent aller aux États-Unis dans le cadre d’un échange culturel, éducatif ou professionnel. Ces programmes sont complétés par des opportunités locales, dans des pays du monde entier, de découvrir la culture américaine et la langue anglaise.


Exchange Program Alumni – Resources & Opportunities

Diverse group of students

Join the Exchange Alumni community at https://alumni.state.gov, and open the door to a world of support, resources, and funding opportunities to help you continue your exchange experience and build on the skills you gained during your program.
Through your account on alumni.state.gov, you’ll be able to:
      • Tap into multiple grant opportunities via Candid’s Foundation Directory Online (FDO) and Grants to Individuals (GTI)
      • Access periodicals, scholarly journals, and articles through Gale and EBSCO’s premiere academic databases
      • Find alumni to network with locally and globally
      • Get the latest alumni news, including alerts on live events, such as #MentorTalks
      • Tap into the U.S. government’s entrepreneurship resources to take your business idea to the next level
There are also resources you can access without a login, such as the Enabling Entrepreneurs page. In addition, you can connect with us and fellow exchange alumni, and get the latest alumni news, on our LinkedIn page, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.