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International Religious Freedom Day sparks spirited discussion by Chadian civil society representatives
February 11, 2020

Group Picture
Attendees at Embassy’s International Religious Freedom Day symposium (Photo U.S. Embassy)

We welcomed Arabic speakers, including judges, professors, university students, representatives of Islamic organizations and journalists to the U.S. Embassy in N’Djamena to discuss religious freedom, both in Chad and the United States.  In addition to Chargé d’Affaires Jessica Davis Ba, the presentation was moderated by two former IVLP alumni – Dr. Maria Issakha Adoum, who participated in the 2012 program Mutual Understanding: Islam in the United States, and  Monsieur Hamad Abdaraman Mahamat, who took part in the 2017 program entitled Interfaith Dialogue.  Chargé Davis Ba explained to those gathered that since its founding, the United States has provided haven to those fleeing religious persecution.  She emphasized America’s commitment to protecting religious freedom and diversity, urging governments around the world to adopt strong legal protections for religious minorities and all religious practices.  One of the attendees observed that “if the freedom of religion as practiced in the United States would be practiced all over the world, then perhaps we would not see the religious extremism and violence that is happening today.