“La Source” Bookstore Helps to Tell America’s Story in Chad

Public Affairs Officer and the Manager of LA SOURCE bookstore.
Public Affairs Officer and the Manager of LA SOURCE bookstore.

The U.S. Embassy’s acting Public Affairs Officer, David R. Andresen, visited the La Source bookstore in N’Djamena on Wednesday, August 27.  There he met with its director, M. Ngaryera Ngatara, and members of his staff to discuss their national sales and promotion of books in the Nouveaux Horizons (NH) collection.  La Source is Chad’s largest vendor of NH titles, selling the books in the nation’s capital and regional cities.

Nouveaux Horizons books are well known and highly regarded by academicians, students, government officials, private sector and community leaders throughout French-speaking Africa.  The diverse NH collection includes university textbooks, practical guides for professionals wishing to upgrade their skills, NYT best sellers, and a host of other titles covering politics, environment, education and a wide range of social issues and concerns.  These are the same books that Americans are reading, made readily available in superb translations for African audiences.

Public Affairs Officer, and LA SOURCE boostore staff.
Public Affairs Officer, and LA SOURCE bookstore staff.

Mr. Ngatara described the steady growth in the sales and popularity of Nouveaux Horizons books among Chadians over the past several years, suggesting that the country is slowly but surely changing from an oral to a literate society. This was Mr. Andresen’s third visit to La Source: the first occurred when he was Head of the NH program in 2001, and in 2012 and now as the embassy’s acting Public Affairs Officer.