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August 29, 2022

Ambassador Laskaris visiting the women fish sellers

Ambassador Alexander Laskaris dressed in a navy blue polo shirt amidst the women selling fish.

As the new representative of the United States and President Biden, my first obligation was to pay my respects to President Deby and other senior officials of the Government of Chad.  However, I am also the son and the grandson of fishermen; as such, one of my top priorities was to pay my respects to the women fish sellers who work just outside our Embassy.  I admire anyone who makes a living from the sea, the lake or the river; I know from my family’s history that it is hard and often dangerous work, one that connects us to our natural environment in the most profound way.  Chadians work hard to feed their families and educate their children, none harder that these wonderful sisters.  This evening—and every evening — as I eat a delicious Chadian capetain — I will thank the fishermen, the transporters and the sellers who make it possible.