President Trump Lifts Travel Restrictions on Chadian Nationals

President Trump today lifted travel restrictions on Chadian nationals following a review of the Chadian government’s progress addressing several technical deficiencies.

Limited restrictions on Chadian visa applicants were announced in September 2017 after deficiencies in the Chadian government’s identity-management and information-sharing practices were identified as part of a worldwide review. The United States and Chad worked closely to address these deficiencies and, following a December 2017 visit to Chad by a joint Department of State and Department of Homeland Security delegation, the Chadian government made notable improvements in identity-management and information-sharing practices.

As a result of that cooperation, and following a thorough review, President Trump terminated the entry restrictions and limitations previously placed on Chadian nationals traveling to the United States as immigrants, and as nonimmigrants on business (B-1), tourist (B-2), and business/tourist (B-1/B-2) visas.

The U.S. Ambassador to Chad, Geeta Pasi, said, “The improved practices implemented by the Chadian authorities not only enhance the integrity of Chadian travel documents and information, but also improve security for the people of Chad. We look forward to continued cooperation.”