Signature of Memorandum of Understanding between the American Embassy and the Ministry of Public security and Interior

It is a great privilege to sign an agreement with Chad’s new Minister of Interior and Safety to significantly strengthen Chad’s border and immigration control efforts.  Chad has long been an important partner for the United States in the shared fight against terrorism.  This agreement is a sign of our continued shared commitment to that fight.

The agreement the Minister and I signed just moments ago is another step toward further strengthening Chad and the Sahel region.  The donation of the PISCES border control system is a direct response to President Deby’s specific request to help Chad secure its borders.  Border security is a shared interest of the United States and Chad, and we must work together to make our countries safer against the threats of  groups including Boko Haram and from individuals who seek to move weapons away from one conflict to start another.

But the United States also wants to help on the ground.  The agreement for the airport security system is complimented by our donation of equipment and vehicles that you see with us today.  These tools will aid the National Police in safeguarding the riverways.  The all terrain vehicles, night vision goggles and assorted investigative equipment allow police to travel everywhere and see everything—difficult terrain and the cover of night will cease being protection for illicit activities.

Chad has shown laudable courage and leadership in helping to stop the terrorist advance in Mali.  As the recent terrorist attacks in Niger highlight, however, other shared regional threats continue to exist.  The United States will remain committed to helping Chad counter those threats and keep its citizen safe.

Thank you for coming today.  Our actions today emphasize how strongly we wish to cooperate with Chad to help secure its borders, provide security for its people and move toward a prosperous future.