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The United States supports renewable energy investment in Chad
December 15, 2020

U.S. Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. David Gilmour presided at a virtual roundtable convened by the African Development Bank titled “Unlocking the solar potential of the G5 Sahel Countries” to spur private-sector investment into Chad’s solar energy resources. The event included a presentation by Ministry of Energy Directeur Général GUIBOLO Fanga Mathieu on Chad’s vision for increasing Chad’s electricity generation and access and saw participation from over 65 guests from international partners and institutions. The United States supports renewable energy investment in Chad through a Development Finance Corporation loan to Alternaprod Tchad for the provision and servicing of off-grid solar solutions and through the U.S. Power Africa initiative, which provides transaction support for the Djermaya Solar project and technical assistance to Chad.  The event supported the African Development Bank’s “Desert to Power” program, which aims to make the Sahel the world’s largest solar energy production zone with 250 million people using electricity powered by the region’s abundant solar resources! Read more about it at: https://www.afdb.org/en/topics-and-sectors/initiatives-partnerships/desert-power-initiative