U.S. Army Medical Team Returns to Chad

American and Chadian medical professionals are participating in a three week joint military program called the Medical Readiness Training Exercise.   Beginning June 6, U.S medical and surgical personnel joined forces with their Chadian counterparts at a local military hospital, where they are performing surgical and lifesaving procedures on Chadian patients, using only locally available resources and equipment to heal the wounded and tend to the ill.

The experience is proving to be mutually beneficial for all the medical personnel involved.  “This is definitely a wonderful opportunity for all of us in the exercise to share and exchange our collective know-how in the fields of trauma resuscitation and general surgery, and to make new friends,” observed Colonel Paul Malinda, a US Army emergency room physician.

The American Army team consists of 19 officers and non-commissioned personnel, four of whom are physicians.  This is the third year the Medical Readiness Training Exercise has taken place in Chad, and is just one of many joint military training programs that take place throughout the year in the United States, Chad, or other nations in the region.