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U.S. Embassy Grants Support Sustainable Livelihoods
October 2, 2019

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U.S. Embassy Grants Support Sustainable Livelihoods

The U.S. Embassy is pleased to announce the signing of cooperative agreements with 12 community organizations from across Chad. The grants are part of the Department of State’s Special Self Help Program, which enables community groups and leaders to obtain funding for projects as diverse as building mills that will help villages make grain, developing skills for women to sustain their families, and educating Chadians on skilled trades. The aim is to empower the people of communities across Chad to develop sustainable livelihoods for a stronger future.

Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program September 2019 Recipients

  1. Groupement pour la Promotion Economique et le Développement (GPED)
  2. Groupement Ramadje
  3. Groupement Garva
  4. Groupement Féminin Chabab Al Haye
  5. Association Féminine Soudfa
  6. Etablissement Koulamadjibé
  7. Groupement Al-Barka
  8. Groupement des Jeunes pour la Promotion de la Pisciculture
  9. Groupement Féminin pour le développement de Manawadji
  10. Groupement Feminin Ananas