U. S. military surgical team begins joint medical training with Chadian doctors

N’Djamena, May 11, 2017:   U.S. and Chadian doctors began joint medical training at the Military Teaching Hospital in N’Djamena on May 2.  Chadian Maj. Gen. Beure Mbaindonadji, Director of Health at the Ministry of Defense, welcomed the Chadian and American military medical professionals who were participating in the 16-day exercise.  He said, “We are here to expand not only our medical cooperation, but also the overall military cooperation between our two countries.” Members of both militaries will find the experiences very rewarding, as they not only provide valuable medical training, but also provide a valuable service to the local community at no cost.  The training exercise will conclude on May 18.

The U.S. team consists of 15 military health professionals from all over the United States who work in distinct teams: general and plastic surgery; ear, nose, and throat issues; triage; general medicine and contagious diseases; and medical equipment technicians.  They are paired with Chadian doctors, nurses, and technicians to consult with patients and conduct surgeries when needed.   In total, the teams expect to treat about 900 patients during the exercise.  In addition to the visit allowing the doctors from the two countries to learn from each other’s techniques, the U.S. team donated over 9 million FCFA worth of medicine and medical-related equipment purchased from local medical warehouses for the Military Training Hospital to use during the event.  Any unused purchases will be donated to the hospital.

This is the fourth U.S. Army Africa-led surgical team visit to Chad, and it follows similar medical and veterinary exercises sponsored by the U.S. military held during the FLINTLOCK regional exercise earlier this year.

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